Energy Recovery
Recovery Capacity
Everyone profits from recovery
There are considerable benefits from recovering energy and other resources consumed in production for both environment and economy. Recovery is the way to stability and cost efficiency in production.

Vargön Alloys with its vast experience is one of the leaders in the field when it comes to recovery from production. Since 1957 we have continued to develop and implement our own effective systems for energy recovery. Energy corresponding to more than half of the electrical energy input is recovered.

The recovered energy is used by the district heating plant of Vänersborg to heat homes and other buildings with our hot water.
Recovery capacity
Vargön Alloys began recovering energy and cleaning flue-gases at a very early stage. The first energy recovery system went into operation in 1957 and flue-gas cleaning systems were installed as early as 1970.
High-pressure steam 400° C, 30 bar8      
Hot water 130° C, 60MW      
Slag products 200.000-250.000 t.p.a